FAQ with California Med President,
Michele Bertoldi

Q: I’ve applied for and received other licenses by myself, why do I need your licensing service?
A: The California Licensing process is very complicated and requires a lot of work and effort to complete from start to finish.  Most of our clients don’t hire us because they are in a hurry, they hire us just to avoid the hassle associated with all the paperwork and red tape that goes in to getting a California Medical License.

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Q: How long does this process take?
A: Of course this can vary from Doctor to Doctor depending on background, work history etc... but most of our clients get through this process in about 2-3 months. We usually tell them to plan on about 3-4 months just to be safe.

Q: $850 seems like a lot of money for this type of assistance, why do you charge so much?
A: If you think about it, $850 for 3-4 months worth of work is not very much money. To be perfectly honest with you, we are giving serious consideration to raising our rates. For the amount of work that we do over the time period that this process takes, $850 is peanuts. Again, there is a lot of paperwork and time required required to complete this.

Q: How do we get started?
A: Just fax or email us a CV and give us a call. After we get your CV, we're going to need about 10-15 minutes of your time on the phone to review what you've sent us. We want to make sure we understand everything and have all the necessary info before we start typing and preparing your application.

If you have any additional questions for us, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help you.

Phone: 866 766-3555
Fax: 850 877-6417
E-mail: license@californiamedlicense.com

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California Medical Licensing Service, Inc.

Phone: 850 325-1400
Fax: 850 877-6417

How do I get started?
Fax or e-mail us your CV

Fee for our services?
$850 for Practicing Physicians
$600 for Residents and Fellows

Fees for the license:
$1299 – CA fee for practicing Physicians
$907.50 – CA fee for Residents and Fellows